Secondary Certification Teaching Minor English as a Second Language

Minor Requirements

Students must demonstrate experience in learning a modern second language or coursework in a modern second language or permission of Program Coordinator, or take one course in a modern language.

A minimum of 21 semester hours from the following:

Required Courses
EDD 447Tchng English as Second Lang3
EDD 448Pract: Tchng Engl Secnd Lang1
EDC 455Assmt: Sec Lang Learning K-122
EDC 490Litrcy Instr & Assess for Els3
LING 474Second Lang Acquisition: Engl3
LING 480Concepts in Linguistics3
or LING 280 Introduction to Linguistics
LING 476Sociolinguistics3
Select one of the following:3
Language and Society
Modern English Grammar
History of the English Lang
World Englishes
Total Credit Hours21

Minor Notes:

  1. A minimum GPA of 2.75 is required for a minor.
  2. LING 480 is a p rerequisite for LING 461/ENGL 461LING 482/ENGL 482LING 484LING 474 and  LING 476.