Elementary Certification Teaching Minor - English as a Second Language

This course of study is designed to meet the State of Michigan requirements for teacher certification in English as a Second Language (ESL). To obtain this endorsement, students must pass the certification test in this area, and obtain a Michigan teaching certificate

Minor Requirements

Students must demonstrate experience in learning a modern second language or coursework in a modern second language or permission of Program Coordinator or take one semester course in a modern language.

A minimum of 21 semester hours from the following:

Required Courses
EDD 447Tchng English as Second Lang3
EDD 448Pract: Tchng Engl Secnd Lang1
EDC 455Assmt: Sec Lang Learning K-122
EDC 490Litrcy Instr & Assess for Els3
LING 474Second Lang Acquisition: Engl3
LING 480Concepts in Linguistics3
LING 476Sociolinguistics3
Select one of the following:3
Language and Society
Modern English Grammar
History of the English Lang
World Englishes
Total Credit Hours21

Minor Notes:

  1. LING 480 or LING 280 is a pre-requisite for LING 461/ENGL 461LING 561/ENGL 561LING 482/ENGL 482LING 582/ENGL 582LING 484LING 584/ENGL 584LING 474/LING 574 and LING 476/LING 576

Program Notes:

  1. A minimum GPA of 2.75 is required for a minor.
  2. Advising Policy:  The student is responsible for complying with requirements described in the Undergraduate Catalog as well as on the Four Phase Checklist.  Students are expected to meet with their College of Education, Health, and Human Services advisor at least once a year and in the term prior to graduation.
  3. Courses taken on a PASS/FAIL basis will NOT be accepted toward program completion.
  4. In order to be recommended for endorsements, students must pass the appropriate MTTC exam in addition to completing the coursework.
  5. MTTC test scores must be reported by electronic delivery or direct mail from Pearson Evaluation Systems to the University of Michigan-Dearborn College of Education, Health, and Human Services.  No hand carried scores will be accepted.