Elementary Certification Teaching Major - Early Childhood

The Early Childhood Education Program is designed for those intending to work with children, birth through eight years of age. Within the basic elementary education degree curriculum, it enables students to meet State requirements for a Michigan Elementary Standard Teaching Certificate and the Early Childhood Endorsement (ZS) as well as to gain special competencies in the area of early childhood. It prepares individuals for careers in childcare centers, working with young children and their families, birth through kindergarten, as well as in the elementary grades 1-5. The program includes a concentrated study of the young child in infant/toddler, preschool, and early school contexts with extensive opportunities for field experiences in a variety of settings.

Major Requirements

A minimum of 34 semester hours from the following:

EDC 414Early Child Ed Special Needs3
EDC 439Child Maltreatment and Trauma3
EDC 442EC: Fam/Sch/Comm Collaboration3
EDC 445Develop Assess of Young Child3
EDD 406Teach Strategies Early Child3
EDD 410Practicum in Early Child Ed1
EDD 411Directed Tchg: Early Childhood4
EDD 412Seminar in Early Childhood Ed2
EDC 431Constructivist Education3
EDC 440The Child: Birth to Three3
EDD 446Intervention Strat EC Spec Ed3
EDC 446Cog/Memory Dev in Children3
Total Credit Hours34

Major Notes:

  1. With the approval of the Early Childhood Program Coordinator, a maximum of six credit hours of freshman and sophomore level transfer courses in early childhood will be considered for general credit toward the early childhood major.
  2. An overall GPA of 2.75 or better is required for the major.
  3. At least 15 semester hours in UM-Dearborn courses required for a major.
  4. A grade of S is required in EDD 411.

Program Notes:

  1. Minimum GPA's are required for program completion: 2.75 cumulative, 2.75 in major, 2.75 in optional minor(s), and 2.75 in Professional Studies.
  2. Advising Policy:  The student is responsible for complying with requirements described in the Undergraduate Catalog as well as on the Four Phase Checklist.  Students are expected to meet with their College of Education, Health, and Human Services advisor at least once per year and in the term prior to graduation.
  3. Courses taken on a PASS/FAIL basis will NOT be accepted toward program completion.
  4. The minimum number of semester hours required to graduate is 128.
  5. CEHHS recommends successful program completers for State of Michigan Certification, however, it is ultimately up to the State of Michigan to issue certificates.  Certain offenses on a criminal record can keep individuals from obtaining teacher certification.  Please refer to The Revised School Code, Act 451 of 1976, section 380.1539b.
  6. Students must meet Dearborn Discovery Core requirements.

Professional Requirements

The professional sequence of education courses consists of a minimum of 43 semester hours of credit. This concentration of study represents the core of your professional preparation. At least one practicum is required prior to student teaching. The semester hours are distributed as follows:

EDA 340Foundations of American Ed3
or EDA 306 Foundations of Professionalism in Education
Multicultural Education
EXPS 410Multicult in School and Soc3
Not Required for Early Childhood Majors
EDC 300Educational Psychology3
EDC 412Social Devl/Pos Guidnce Techn (required for Early Childhood majors)3
or EDC 417 Mgmt of Classroom Behavior
EDC 460Educating the Exceptional Chld3
Not Required for Early Childhood Majors
Methodologies (See Note #1 below)
EDD 452Methods of Teaching Math K-83
EDD 468Teach Read/Lang Arts- Elem Grd 13
EDD 467Practicum in Reading Instruct 11
EDD 471Reading Instr: Models and Meth 13
EDD 485Teach Science in the Elem Grd3
EDD 495Elementary Social Studies Methods3
Professional Semester (See Notes #3 & #5 below)
EDD 435Dir Teaching: Elementary Sch10
EDD 437Seminar: Teaching Elementary Grades2
Total Credit Hours43

 EDD 467 and EDD 471 are to be taken concurrently. Both require EDD 468 as a prerequisite.


  1. Enrollment in all the required EDD courses is open only to those who are officially admitted to and in good academic standing in the Teacher Certification Program at UM-Dearborn.  See Four-Phase Checklist for more information.
  2. Eligibility for directed teaching requires meeting all the requirements listed on the Four-Phase Checklist.
  3. Recommendations for teacher certification and additional endorsements require passing scores on the MTTC Elementary Education (#103) exam and other MTTC subject area tests.
  4. Minimum number of hours to graduate is 128 semester hours.

Learning Goals

  1. Candidates for certification will be capable in their content specialty areas (teaching major(s) and/or minor(s)). 
  2. Candidates for certification will be capable users of pedagogical knowledge. 
  3. Candidates for certification will be reflective about their practice.