Access to the campus is available on bus routes operated by Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation (SMART). Connecting service is available on routes operated by the Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT). Additional information may be obtained by telephoning 313-833-7973.

Direct service is available from most Detroit and western Wayne County residents, with transfer service available for Oakland and Macomb County commuters. Additional information may be obtained by telephoning SMART at 313-962-5515.

UM-Dearborn provides a shuttle service between the main campus and Fairland Center for students, staff, and faculty. A valid ID card is required to board the shuttle. The shuttle will pick up and drop off passengers at the University Center turnaround, the Fairlane Center South turnaround, the Administration Building turnaround, and the Union. UM-Dearborn also provides an International Shuttle that runs between the Fairlane Meadows apartment complex, Fairlane Woods apartment complex, Fairlane Center, and the University Center. For times of operation, consult the Parking website: