Talent Gateway

The world of work is changing rapidly - multiple careers, short and long term positions, collaborative projects. Are you ready for it? How will you develop the skills needed to reinvent yourself throughout your career?

The Talent Gateway is an initiative unique to the University of Michigan-Dearborn that empowers students to drive their own development by providing opportunities for you to explore the connections among your academic, personal, and professional goals through gameful learning.

Within the Talent Gateway’s virtual community, you can:

  • become part of a community
  • engage with mentors, network, and make connections
  • develop creative problem-solving skills through “challenges”
  • reflect on the connections among personal, academic and career goals to get "career-ready"

All of these encourage personal growth and professional development as you develop self-motivation, agility, resiliency and flexibility. Because the Talent Gateway is web-based, you choose when and how to participate.

The (M)Talent distinction identifies students who have demonstrated the characteristics of an exceptional employee who demonstrates far more than technical skills and work experience. As students reflect on a series of “challenges,” they earn points that iteratively and gamefully help them develop life-long habits and launch them on a trajectory of continuous reflection and thoughtful action.

(M)Talent distinction

Students who achieve the (M)Talent distinction have demonstrated their initiative and drive, grown their confidence, developed creative problem- solving skills, and deepened their empathy toward others.

To earn this distinction, students must achieve 50,000 points in Talent Gateway Challenges, and complete three impact challenges. The final challenge is a presentation to demonstrate the skills developed, creative thinking and problem-solving ability, how self-reflection has been beneficial in these areas, and how other students can learn from your experience.

By completing Talent Gateway challenges to earn 50,000 points, students demonstrate the ongoing development of their professional skills and their comprehension of how their academic, personal, and career goals can be integrated.  Through this program, students have developed a habit of reflection and creating thinking, thus better preparing them for the changing workforce.  By presenting at the (M)Talent Showcase (the final challenge), students gain public speaking experience and confidence.

Get in the driver’s seat and join the Talent Gateway!   Location: 285 Fairlane Center North.