University of Michigan-Dearborn Officers

Regents of the University

Jordan B. Acker, Huntington Woods
Michael J. Behm, Grand Blanc
Mark J. Bernstein, Ann Arbor
Paul W. Brown, Ann Arbor
Sarah Hubbard, Okemos
Denise Ilitch, Bingham Farms
Ron Weiser, Ann Arbor
Katherine E. White, Ann Arbor
Santa J. Ono, ex officio

Executive Officers of the University

Santa J. Ono, Ph.D., President
Domenico Grasso, Ph.D., Chancellor, University of Michigan-Dearborn
Debasish Dutta, Ph.D., Chancellor, University of Michigan-Flint
Sally J. Churchill, J.D., Vice President and Secretary of the University
Laurie McCauley, PhD, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
Martino Harmon, Ph.D., Vice President for Student Life
Geoffrey Chatas, M.Phil, M.B.A, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Rebecca Cunningham, M.D, Vice President for Research
Timothy G. Lynch, J.D., Vice President and General Counsel
Thomas A. Baird, A.B., Vice President for Development
Rick Fitzgerald, M.S.,  Interim Vice President for Communications
Ravi Pendse, Ph.D, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
Marschall S. Runge, M.D., Ph.D., Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs
Chris Kolb, B.S., Vice President for Government Relations

University of Michigan-Dearborn Administrative Organization & Officers

Domenico Grasso, Ph.D., Chancellor
Gabriella Scarlatta, M., PhD, Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Keisha Blevins, B.A., J.D, Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to the Chancellor and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer 
Bryan Dadey, M.B.A., Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs
Amy Finley, Ph.D., Dean of Students
Kenneth C. Kettenbeil, B.A., Vice Chancellor for External Relations
Maureen Linker, Ph.D., Associate Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs
Carrie Shumaker, M.B.A., Director of Information Technology, Strategy and Operations and Chief Information Officer
Mitchell Sollenberger, Ph.D., Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education and Student Success and Executive Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs
Melissa Stone, M.B.A., Vice Provost for Enrollment Management
Casandra Ulbrich, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement
Armen Zakarian, Ph.D., Vice Provost for Research

Academic Deans

Frédéric Brunel, Ph.D., College of Business
Dagmar Budikova, Ph.D., College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters
Ghassan Kridli, Ph.D. College of Engineering and Computer Science
Ann Lampkin-Williams, Ph.D., College of Education, Health, and Human Services 


Bailey Ayers-Korpal, M.S., Director, Marketing and Digital Strategy
Rima Berry-Hung, M.A., Director, Human Resources
Andrew Beverly, M.A., Director, Student Advising Resource Team
Lindsey Tarrant Bookman, M.A., Director, Undergraduate Advising & Records, College of Education, Health, and Human Services 
Perry V. Boyd II, M.P.A, Director, Office of TRIO Programs
Sara Byczek, Ph.D., L.P., Director, Counseling and Psychological Services & Disability Services
Shareia N. Carter, M.L.S., Director, Center for Social Justice and Inclusion
Matt Chisholm, M.B.A., Director, Government Relations
Kristen Clauder, B.S., Director, Corporate Relations, Business Engagement Center
David A. Disney, M.S., Director, Student Union and Events
Laurel Draudt, M.A., Director, Career Services
Bryan Earl, M.S., (Interim) Director, Athletics & Recreation
Julie Faust, M.B.A., Director, Enrollment Management Services
Amy E. Finley, Ph.D., Dean of Students
David Fogle, M.A., Director, Environmental Health and Safety
Steven Foster, M.Ed., Director, Financial Aid and Scholarships
Cristina M. Frendo, B.A., Director,  Alumni Engagement
Susanne Gassel, M.A., Director, Undergraduate Academic Advising & Student Success, College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters 
Carol L. Glick, P.E., M.S., Executive Director, Facilities Operations
Gary Gorski, B.S., Chief of Police and Director,  Public Safety
Lisa Remsing Hall, Ph.D., Director, Undergraduate Academic Advising, College of Engineering and Computer Science
Pamela Heatlie, J.D., Director, Office for Institutional Equity
Noel G. Hornbacher, M.B.A., Director, Financial Services
Kevin Lewtschanyn, M.A., Director, Enrollment Management Communication and Events
Francisco Lopez, M.A., Director, International Affairs
Richard Michalski, M.P.P., (Interim) Executive Director, Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness
Kathleen M. Pepin, M.U.P., A.I.C.P., Director, Facilities Planning
Thomas Perez, M.S., Director, Environment Health and Safety
Urana Pridemore, M.P.A., Director, Undergraduate Enrollment Management
Scott N. Riggs, M.A., Director, Global Engagement
Britta Roan, M.S., (Interim) Director, Career Education & Career Services
Carrie Shumaker, M.B.A., Director, Information Technology, Strategy and Operations and Chief Information Officer
Jean Song, M.S.I.,  Director, Mardigian Library
Tracy Vogt, M.A., University Registrar and Director of Academic Operations
Michele Thompson, M.B.A., Executive Director, Enrollment Management Operations & Technology
Carla Vecchiola, Ph.D., Director, Hub for Teaching and Learning
Claudia Walters, Ph.D., Director, Environmental Interpretive Center
Trista Wdziekonski, M.A., Executive Director, Graduate Enrollment Management
Susan Wells, M.P.A., Director, Undergraduate Program Advising, College of Business

Citizens Advisory Committee

Diana Abouali
Ismael Ahmed
Susan A. Dabaja
Donna Inch
Russell A. Kavalhuna
Emily Kolinski Morris
David Kurzmann
Jackie Lovejoy
Timothy Meyer
Patricia Mooradian
Trisha Stein
Brett Wheatley
Mary Zatina