Information Technology Mgmt (ITM)

ITM 347     Information Visualization     3 Credit Hours

Full Title: Information Visualization: Business Insights via Storytelling Information visualization has been used greatly in various disciplines including media, business, and engineering. It is valuable in helping people analyze and understand information to lead to better solutions and decisions. This course will introduce students to the field of information visualization via a hands-on approach. Readings and lectures will provide an overview of the field. Students will learn visualization design and evaluation principles and learn how to acquire, parse, and analyze large datasets. Students will also learn tools and techniques for visualizing multivariate, temporal, text-based, geospatial, hierarchical, and network/graph-based data. (F,W,S)

Prerequisite(s): ITM 310 and ITM 301

ITM 387     Digital Security     3 Credit Hours

Full Title: Digital Security: Threat Prevention and Management The ability to secure information within a modern enterprise-large or small-is a growing challenge. Threats to information security are global, persistent, and increasingly sophisticated. This course provides the practices and methods currently used by information security professionals to manage and secure an information environment. Topics includes security strategy and policies, security operation center (SOC), network security, physical security, malware countermeasures, operational systems security, risk analysis and incident response practices. (F,W,S)

Prerequisite(s): ITM 383


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Frequency of Offering

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