Social Work

Social workers are committed to helping individuals, families, and groups function more effectively and overcome considerable individual and social challenges.  Social workers assist people in dealing with economic inequality; physical and mental health challenges including addictions; as well as difficulties with housing, employment, and education.  The minor in social work prepares future professionals to successfully navigate social and community contexts, institutional resources and barriers, and individual and group dynamics.


Minor Requirements 

Students interested in completing the social work minor must complete a total of 18 credits distributed across four (4) content areas described below.

Social Work (SW) Minor Core Requirements (6 credit hours)

SWK 200Intro to Social Work3
SWK 3003
Total Credit Hours6

SW Minor Contexts Requirement (3 credit hours - select 1 course)

AAAS 449Black Family in Contemp Amer3
ANTH 376Power & Privilege in SE Mich3
EDC 439Child Maltreatment and Trauma3
CRJ 446Marriage and Family Problems3
CRJ 447Family Violence3
PSYC 404Parent-Child Relations3
PSYC 412Psychology of Aging3
SOC 308Sociological Theory3
SOC 350Poverty and Inequality3
SWK 301Intro to Macro Social Work3
SWK 3023
Total Credit Hours3

SW Minor Urban Environments, Community Action, and Social Change Requirement (3 credit hours - select 1 course)

AAAS 368Black Exp in US: 1865-Present3
ANTH 455Immigrant Cultures and Gender3
GEOG 300Urban Geography3
HHS 350Comm Organizing for Health3
HHS 406Program Evaluation3
HPS 4363
SOC 435Urban Sociology3
SWK 3053
SWK 306Working w Involuntary Clients3
Total Credit Hours

SW Minor Service Learning Requirement (3 credit hours - select 1 course)

ANTH 325Anth of Health and Environment3
POL 323Urban Politics3
PSYC 301Psych of Infant Development3
SOC 476Inside Out Prison Exchange4
SWK 3103
WGST 3651Women/Leadership/Social Change3
Total Credit Hours3

SW Minor Capstone Requirement (3 credit hours - select 1 course)

CHE 402Internship CHE3
SWK 401Social Work Seminar3
Total Credit Hours3