K-8 STEM2 Teaching Certificate

The K-8 STEM2 Teaching Certificate is designed to enhance students’ content knowledge in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine, to be able to use best pedagogical practices for teaching K-8 STEM2 lessons, and to successfully integrate the STEM2 disciplines into lessons and units. 

CEHHS students in the elementary certification program elect one content area for a major with about 20% selecting either science or mathematics.  The new certificate provides students with the opportunity to take additional coursework in engineering, STEM education, health related courses, as well as science or mathematics. While the UM-Dearborn K-8 STEMTeaching Certificate does not lead to a state endorsement, it will provide evidence of the additional preparation in STEM2 for K-8 teachers.

The certificate consists of 15 undergraduate credit hours, including the newly developed EXPS 400: STEMTeaching and Learning.  Students will participate in exemplary examples of STEM2 curricula and learn how to integrate the STEM2 disciplines within lessons and units for K-8 students.

Program Goals 

The UM-Dearborn K-8 STEM2 Teaching Certificate has the following goals for students in the program. Students are:

1. Knowledgeable in the content, skills and practices of the STEM2 disciplines.

2. Knowledgeable in the use of pedagogy to integrate the STEM2 disciplines into effective lessons and units.

3. Prepared to be effective educators in K-8 STEM2 teaching.

To view application forms and admission information, please click here.

Certificate Requirements 

Required Courses:6
ENGR 100Intro to Eng and Computers2
EXPS 400
EXPS 401
STEM2 Teaching and Learning
and STEM2 Teach/Learn Internship
Select Two Mathematics Courses if you are an Integrated Science Major:
MATH 442Geometry for Teachers3
MATH 443Algebra for Teachers3
MATH 444Data Anlsys,Prob&Stat forTchrs3
Select Two Natural Sciences Courses if you are a Mathematics Major:
NSCI 331Phy. Sci. & Everyday Thinking3
NSCI 332Inquiry: Mich Earth Science3
NSCI 333Inquiry: PBL in Life Science3
Select One Health and Human Services Course:
CHE 101Intro to Health Education3
CHE 201Medical Terminology3
HHS 200Introduction to Public Health3

Total 15 Credit Hours Required

Certificate Requirements

  1. Current enrollment in the elementary certification program in CEHHS
  2. An overall GPA of at least 2.75
  3. Completion of the Declaration of Certificate form
  4. Completion of the required coursework with a GPA of at least 2.75