Educational Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies prepares students to understand the field of education without focusing on teacher certification requirements.  This degree program will be beneficial to students who are seeking jobs in non-school settings and want to deepen their understanding about teaching and learning.  For example, many community organizations and non-profits work closely with schools and the education of children and adolescents.  Other students may be interested in a degree in education that will provide a strong background for a graduate degree in fields such as social work or public administration.

The undergraduate major of Educational Studies will provide a foundation for students in three areas:  learners and learning, educational systems, and pedagogy. The major will NOT lead to teacher certification; it is designed to be applicable to anyone interested in learning more about how people learn and how to use the foundational knowledge of education in a variety of different work environments.  For those interested in PK-12 teacher certification, please refer to the Elementary (K-8) Certification program or the Secondary (6-12) Certification program.

Program Goals

Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies graduates will:

  1.  Acquire knowledge of educational systems
  2.  Understand how students develop and learn
  3.  Recognize and value diversity within an educational setting
  4.  Make informed decisions about learning based on assessment

Dearborn Discovery Core Requirement

The minimum GPA for the program is 2.0. In addition, the DDC permits any approved course to satisfy up to three credit hours within three different categories. Please see the General Education Program: The Dearborn Discovery Core section for additional information.

Foundational Studies

Written and Oral Communication (GEWO) – 6 Credits

Upper Level Writing Intensive (GEWI) – 3 Credits

Quantitative Thinking and Problem Solving (GEQT) – 3 Credits

Critical and Creative Thinking (GECC) – 3 Credits

Areas of Inquiry

Natural Science (GENS) – 7 Credits

  • Lecture/Lab Science Course
  • Additional Science Course

Social and Behavioral Analysis (GESB) – 9 Credits

Humanities and the Arts (GEHA) – 6 Credits

Intersections (GEIN) – 6 Credits


Capstone (GECE) – 3 Credits

Prerequisites (6 Cr. Hrs.)

EDA 205Introduction to Education3
EDT 211Design Tech-Based Learn Solutn3

Major (39 Cr. Hrs.)

Learners and Learning (18 Cr. Hrs.)
EDC 300Educational Psychology3
EDC 400Adult Learning:Theory/Practice3
EDC 431Constructivist Education3
EDC 446Cog/Memory Dev in Children3
EDC 456Learning & Classrm Assessment3
EDT 420Intro Teaching Learning Online3
The Educational System (9 Cr. Hrs.)
EDA 340Foundations of American Ed3
EXPS 410Multicult in School and Soc3
PDED 405Sp Ed Legisltn and Litigation3
Pedagogy Electives: Choose from the following courses (12 Cr. Hrs.)
EDA 419Early Literacy/Language Devel3
EDC 460Educating the Exceptional Chld3
EDC 439Child Maltreatment and Trauma3
EDD 447Tchng English as Second Lang3
EDD 474Environmental Education3
EDT 414Application of Instrl Design3
EXPS 400STEM2 Teaching and Learning3
Electives (44 Cr. Hrs.)

Total credit hours needed for graduation: 120