Social Work (SWK)

SWK 200     Intro to Social Work     3 Credit Hours

Introduction to Social Work is intended to provide a basic introductory course to assist professionals in related and relevant fields in the theories, approaches, and practices of social work. Students will be exposed to the art and science of the social work discipline through academic research and case studies, experiential learning, group discussion, and supporting activities.

SWK 300     Theories and Practices     3 Credit Hours

This course is designed to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for students to begin understanding of the practice of social work. The course provides an overview of general practice and theory. Students are introduced to the value, philosophy and knowledge base considerations of social work practice. Generalist social work practice is presented as a process of planned change with various clients and systems as well as the application of ethical and technical principles of practice. Specific emphasis will be given in this course to the integration of material from the student's knowledge of human behavior, social policy, research, life experience, and professional skills. Lessons and exercises are offered to emphasize understanding and relating to persons of diverse backgrounds including oppressed groups, populations-at risk and racial or ethnic minorities.

Prerequisite(s): SWK 200

SWK 301     Intro to Macro Social Work     3 Credit Hours

This course examines generalist community and administrative practice roles, the perspectives of strengths, empowerment, and evidence-based practice along with the values of social justice, diversity, and participation. Specific attention is given to designing intervention programs that address community needs.

Prerequisite(s): SWK 200

SWK 302     Family Preservation     3 Credit Hours

Current methods for family preservation and helping families cope with family problems are the focus of this seminar style course. Through lectures, written assignments and classroom activities, students learn and practice family intervention technique. Emphasis on families with diverse structures is undertaken and diverse practice settings including home, school, child welfare, mental health, family court, corrections and other community environments are explored in detail. Students are instructed in the special issues in work w/families, e.g. minority status, gender and sexual orientation, disabilities, family violence, trauma and addiction.

Prerequisite(s): SWK 200

SWK 305     Case Management for Change     3 Credit Hours

Students learn step-by-step processes of case management from intake and initial referral for services, determination of eligibility for services, writing a formal plan for services, case documentation techniques, and techniques for monitoring a clients progress through the service delivery system, to case closure/follow-up activities. The course instructs on access to community resources, interpreting and utilizing information from other professionals, and development of interviewing, intervention, case recording, and caseload management skills. Legal and ethical issues in service delivery are integrated throughout the course.

Prerequisite(s): SWK 200

SWK 306     Working w Involuntary Clients     3 Credit Hours

Social workers often have to engage clients who would are reluctant to engage with service providers. Often this group includes those who are mandated to engage with service due to legal requirements (for example, substance users and those convicted of domestic violence) however the initiation of service may experience reluctance as well (for example bridge cards and temporary shelter). This course examines the strategies and theories for interventions with reluctant clients and the various populations afflicted. The legalities and ethics of coercive service provision are outlined. Systems reform and enhancement for these clients, programs and services is reviewed in current literatures.

Prerequisite(s): SWK 200

SWK 310     Social Services in Detroit     3 Credit Hours

This course focuses on social service provision and the social work profession within the city of Detroit. The course addresses working with multiple populations and multiple service providers. A significant component of the course consists of guest speakers who have experience working in the city. The class will often meet off-campus at various social service agencies; students will be responsible for their own transportation.

Prerequisite(s): SWK 200

SWK 401     Social Work Seminar     3 Credit Hours

This capstone course integrates the Social Work minor with the major studies of the enrolled students by preparing the student for continued professional development, socialization into the profession, and integration of generalist social work practice into the students chosen profession. This course reinforces the students intention to work with social work professionals and their commitment to working with at-risk populations.

Prerequisite(s): SWK 200


Frequency of Offering

The following abbreviations are used to denote the frequency of offering: (F) fall term; (W) winter term; (S) summer term; (F, W) fall and winter terms; (YR) once a year; (AY) alternating years; (OC) offered occasionally