Child Life (CLS)

CLS 400     Death Dying Grief Childn Adol     3 Credit Hours

Full Title: Death, Dying, Grief: Working with Children, Adolescents, and Families. This course focuses on working with children, adolescents, and families experiencing dying, death, and grief. The course emphasizes the role of families, culture, and healthcare settings, as well as the social meanings of dying and death, development preceptions, and the impact of culture, religion, and ethnicity. Specific attention is given to grief reactions in children, the application of developmental level in response to loss, role of human services professionals in clinical and non-clinical settings, as well as the tasks of grief. Strategies and tools relating to communicating with bereaved children, as well as the potential impact on academic, behavioral, and emotional development are addressed. Students will explore and develop familiarity with strategies and tools such as legacy building, memento creation, and the identification and utilization of resources that promote coping skills in relation to death or impending death. (F,W,S)

CLS 401     Hospitalized Child     3 Credit Hours

This Hospitalized Child course is a requirement for those who would like to sit for Child Life Professional Certification Examination and become Certified Child Life Specialist. The course is taught by a Certified Child Life Specialist and focuses on children in the health care environment. Topics of study include: 1. Child Life documents, 2. Scope of practice, 3. Impact of illness, injury and health care on patients and families, 4. Family-centered care, 5. Therapeutic play and 6. Preparation. (W)

Can enroll if Class is Junior or Senior

CLS 402     Child Life Internship     3 Credit Hours

This internship provides students the opportunity to apply classroom learning, observe a Child Life professional and gain hands-on experience in a clinical Child Life setting. This course provides an opportunity to gain experience and practice in applying Child Life skills in an appropriate medical setting while observing Certified Child Life Specialists. In addition to the time spent in the setting, students participate in class activities to enhance understanding, and further develop professional application of knowledge and skills in service to children and families. (F,W,S)


Frequency of Offering

The following abbreviations are used to denote the frequency of offering: (F) fall term; (W) winter term; (S) summer term; (F, W) fall and winter terms; (YR) once a year; (AY) alternating years; (OC) offered occasionally