General Studies

Students must complete: 

  1. One course in mathematics; one course in the natural sciences; two courses in the behavioral and/or social sciences; two courses in the humanities; courses equivalent to two semesters of English Composition 105 and 106. 
  2. 12-15 upper division (300 or above) credit hours in each of three areas of focus with a GPA of at least 2.00 (exception: the GPA for the CIS area of focus is based on CIS 150, 200, 275 and all upper-level CIS courses)
  3. One approved diversity course
  4. A minimum of 48 upper division credit hours
  5. A minimum of 120 credit hours with an overall GPA of at least 2.00

Note: No more than 30 credit hours of upper-level coursework in any one discipline or area of focus can count in the 120 hours required for graduation. Students not in the BBA program of the College of Business cannot elect more than 30 credit hours in courses offered by the College of Business. 

Only one area of focus may be outside CASL. At least 30 upperlevel credit hours must be in courses taken in CASL. All courses used to satisfy area of focus requirements must be upper-level. No credit hours transferred from a community college or lowe-rdivision courses taken in a four-year institution may be included. Courses used to satisfy distribution requirements (with the exception of the diversity requirement) may not also be used to satisfy area of focus requirements. Courses elected on a Pass/Fail (P/F) basis may not be used to fulfill the 12-15 credit hour requirement in an area of focus. No more than three hours in a 12-hour area of focus, or six hours in a 15-hour area of focus, may be transfer, independent study/research, internship, or S/E graded. Students should be aware that upper-level courses, particularly in the sciences, mathematics, and CCM, may have substantial prerequisite requirements. Minors are not available with the BGS degree. The BGS cannot be a dual degree with a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science.

Students should consult with a professional staff advisor in the CASL Office of Advising and Student Records, 1039 CB, to discuss areas of focus and to develop a rationale for their individualized BGS curriculum.