Special Examinations

The UM-Dearborn will acknowledge proficiencies gained by students outside the bounds of traditional courses if such proficiency is certified by recognized examinations or departmentally prepared and/or approved alternatives. The University recognizes three types of such special examinations: 1) standardized examinations prepared and evaluated by nationally recognized organizations; 2) placement examinations prepared, administered on campus, and evaluated by UM-Dearborn academic departments; and 3) special examinations for individual courses, prepared, administered, and evaluated by specialists in the various academic departments and approved by the respective department chairs.

The number and nature of credits earned by examination must be approved by the department(s) normally responsible for teaching the subject matter areas for which credit is being granted. Decisions in individual cases related to departmental examinations will be made in light of the general departmentally approved policies that are not inconsistent with those for national examinations.

Departmental Examinations

If a student believes that he/she has the knowledge and/or skill to merit credit for a specific course without attending classes and/or doing any assignments other than a single, comprehensive examination, the student and the academic unit or department must follow certain procedures.

If credit-by-examination is available in the area in which the student is interested, he/she should request permission to take an examination for specific credit in accordance with the unit's procedures. If the request is granted (it can be denied) and the examination is scheduled, the student will be assessed a $20.00 fee.

All such examinations are graded on a Pass/Fail basis. If the student passes or fails, he/she will receive a written memorandum to that effect from the examiner. If the student passes the examination(s), he/she will be assessed regular University fees per credit hour received minus any fees previously paid.

Also see section on Tuition.

Placement Examinations

Placement examinations are required by certain departments in an effort to determine the best course level for new students. No fee is assessed for the administration of these tests. For more information, telephone the Office of Admissions and Orientation Office at 313-593-5100 or visit umdearborn.edu/plex.

Standardized National Examinations

The Advanced Placement Program (APP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) subject examinations are the chief examples in this category. If the relevant academic units and/or the academic departments award credit, the student is responsible for having the test results sent to the institution (normally, along with the application for admission), and the Office of Registration & Records (current students) or the Office of Admissions and Orientation (for incoming students) will be responsible for the recording of the appropriate credit. The student is not charged a fee for such credit. For more information about AP or IB credit grant practices, visit umdearborn.edu/casl/687380/.