Credit by Examination

The UM-Dearborn will acknowledge proficiencies gained by students outside the bounds of traditional courses if such proficiency is certified by recognized examinations or departmentally prepared and/or approved alternatives. The University recognizes two types of such special examinations: 1) standardized examinations prepared and evaluated by nationally recognized organizations; and 2) placement examinations prepared, administered on campus, and evaluated by UM-Dearborn academic departments.

Standardized National Examinations

The Advanced Placement Program (APP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) subject examinations are the chief examples in this category. If the relevant academic units and/or the academic departments award credit, the student is responsible for having the test results sent to the institution and the Office of Registration & Records (current students) or the Office of Admissions and Orientation (for incoming students) will be responsible for the recording of the appropriate credit. The student is not charged a fee for such credit.