Additional Program Recognition

Double Majors or Concentrations

With approval from the appropriate school/college, students who meet the requirements in two majors or areas of concentration may graduate with a double major or concentration. The Registrar will seek confirmation from the appropriate academic units before making such an entry on the transcript.

Recognition of Minor

A student in a CASL, COB, or CECS degree program may apply for recognition of a minor, which consists of at least 12 hours in courses numbered 300 or above in a particular area of study. Minors are recorded on students' transcripts at the time the petition is granted.

Second Bachelor's Degrees

A student who has already earned a bachelor's degree from UM-Dearborn or any other accredited collegiate institution may apply for permission to pursue a second bachelor's degree. If accepted, up to 90 credit hours from a previous University of Michigan degree will be counted toward the second degree. If the first degree was earned at a non-University of Michigan institution, up to 75 credit hours may count toward the second degree. If the student previously attended UM-Dearborn, the GPA for the second bachelor’s degree will be based on the cumulative academic record of courses taken at UM-Dearborn for both degrees.

Additive Credit

UM-Dearborn Courses

Some courses have an additive credit designation. The course credit hours for additive credit courses do not count toward a student’s degree. Several courses in UM-Dearborn curricula and some  co-operative education/internships are reflected on a student's transcript but do not fulfill requirements for graduation. MATH 080MATH 090 and COMP 099, for example, bridge the gap between high school and college and are therefore offered only for additive credit. Courses taken for additive credit count in the determination of enrollment certification but not toward a degree or in determining class level.

Additive credits are not eligible for financial aid and will not be used to establish enrollment status for financial aid.

With the exception of remedial courses (MATH 080MATH 090COMP 099CHEM 090), the Department of Veteran Affairs will not pay for courses offered as additive credit.

Additive Courses Taken Elsewhere

Such courses as described above in the paragraph on UM-Dearborn additive credit courses are not transferable from other institutions to UM-Dearborn.