Academic Policies

Academic Actions, Programs, and Exceptions

Academic Standing, Probation, Dismissal, and Reinstatement

  • Good Scholastic Standing
  • Unsatisfactory Performance
  • Probation
  • Academic Standing Appeals
  • Consecutive Withdrawal
  • Academic Reinstatement Policy

Class Standing

Continuous Enrollment

Degree and Program Definitions

  • Major
  • Double Major
  • Bachelor of Arts (AB)
  • Bachelor of Science (BS)
  • Concentration
  • Minor
  • Certificate
  • Second Bachelor’s Degree
  • Dual Degrees

Dearborn Discovery Core (General Education) 

  • Transfer Placement Policy
  • Readmit Policy
  • Pass/Fail Policy
  • Minimum Grade Policy
  • Transferring Quarter-Hour Credit Courses
  • Evaluating Transfer Courses for Credit
  • Transfer Course Credit for Intersections Category
  • Course load
  • Additive Credit

Audit of Courses

Grading System

  • Grades of D+ and D in the College of Engineering & Computer Science
  • Grades of D- in the College of Engineering & Computer Science
  • Audit, Pass/Fail, and Non-Credit Courses in the College of Engineering & Computer Science
  • Pass/Fail Course in the College of Arts, Sciences, & Letters
  • Grading Benchmarks
  • Grade Notations
  • Change of Grades
  • Repeating a Course

Attendance Requirement

Add, Drop

  • Instructor Requested Drop

Undergraduate Students Taking Graduate Courses

Credit by Examination

Placement Exams

Credit for Education in the Armed Forces

  • Credit for Military Officer Education

Credit for Cooperative Education, Independent Study and Other Experiential Courses

Academic Honors

  • ​​William J. Branstrom (Freshman) Prize
  • James B. Angell Scholars
  • University Honors
  • Honor Scholars Recognition
  • Dean’s Lists

Classroom and Learning Management System Course Access Policy

Final Exams and Study Days

Exceptions and Petitions

Undergraduate Program Completion Requirements

University Undergraduate Degree Requirements

  • Time to Degree
  • Second Degree Requirements
  • Second Degree Requirements in the College of Business
  • Graduation Requirements
  • College of Engineering & Computer Science Graduation Requirements
  • Minimum Total Credit Hours and Grade Point Average\
  • Upper-Level Coursework
  • Senior Residency for a Major
  • Transfer Residency Requirement\
  • Graduation Honors

Academic Integrity and Academic Code of Conduct

Statement of Academic Integrity

Academic Code of Conduct