Student Organizations

Policies for Student Organizations

In an effort to coordinate the activities of all student organizations, policies were codified into a formal publication issued by Student Government, known as the Student Clubs and Organizations Information and Policies Manual.

The Student Clubs and Organizations Information and Policies Manual is a most useful booklet which contains information on forming an organization, the renewing and revoking of organizational status, office allocations, organizational accounting, the allotting of day sales and evening events, university services, descriptions of recognized organizations, etc.

The Student Organizations Coordinator and the Student Government Director of Student Organizations can assist any student group interested in this area of concern.

Accounting Policies and Procedures

The Office of Student Engagement (OSE) maintains and services the financial accounts for student organizations that have been recognized by the Student Government. Through this student service, OSE:

  1. Ensures uniformity of accounting records.
  2. Facilitates continuity between business officers and their successors.
  3. Aids student organizations in keeping their activities on a sound financial basis.
  4. Provides a means for recognized student organizations to use University facilities and services.

The OSE is prepared to offer staff consultation on matters of budgeting, detailed record keeping, and securing various University and outside vendor services and facilities. The information presented in the Student Organizations Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual is intended to assist the financial officers of organizations in conducting their duties and to inform them of the policies, procedures, and benefits associated with sound fiscal policy.