Registration Information

Academic Advising

Academic advising should be sought from the student’s college or graduate department office prior to registration.

Appointment Time to Register

Continuing students who are eligible to register via the Web can determine their registration date based on credits earned as listed in the registration timetable. New students and those participating in non-traditional programs will receive written information regarding their registration appointment time. The Registration Timetable is available on the Enrollment Services/Registration and Records Website:

Closed Courses

Closed course information will be posted at the Enrollment Services Counter (1169 UC) and on Enrollment Services/Registration and Records Website:

Hold Credits

Students will not be allowed to register if they have a hold credit. A hold credit could result from having outstanding financial obligations to the University, academic probation, mandatory advising or other academic or non-academic conditions that require resolution prior to registration. Students eligible to use Web registration can check their holds on the “View Your Holds” page located in the secure area within the Student Accounts section.

Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Enrollment Services/Registration and Records assigns a random alphanumeric code as a personal identification number (PIN). Newly admitted students will receive their PIN via a letter mailed to their address on record. Students admitted prior to 03/15/2015, will use their six-digit birth date (mmddyy) as their PIN until it is changed or reset. Please keep your PIN in a secure location. If you forget your PIN, you must report in person, with picture identification, to the Enrollment Service Counter to have your PIN reset.

Registration Options

UM-Dearborn offers eligible students two options for registration:

  • Walk-in
  • Web1

All students (with the exception of some non-traditional programs) who have been enrolled at least one term within the last year, new graduate students, and readmitted students who do not have financial obligations, academic holds or other registration restrictions are eligible to register via UM-Dearborn Connect.