Talent Gateway

The worlds of work are changing as rapidly as the economic conditions that create them. Are there ways you, as a student, can prepare to adapt productively to such change? How do you--as a future member of the workforce--develop the ability to reinvent yourself so you are ready to successfully take on the challenges change presents?

Talent Gateway is a process that puts you in control and complements the excellent, faculty-driven education in which you are engaged. Talent Gateway is your studio where, along with a community of fellow students, you can take initiative, explore interests, exercise curiosity, reflect on passions, strengths, and weaknesses, venture outside your comfort zone, engage in projects, make mistakes, fail, learn from failure, and succeed, all the while practicing creative ways for working through both problems and opportunities.

The purpose of Talent Gateway is to support you being an agent of change...self-motivating, agile, resilient, flexible, and able to re-invent yourself, as needed, to successfully respond to the changing world of work. The program connects you to resources, experiences, and people tailored to help you realize what you have to offer through real world application.

As a member of the Talent Gateway, you will participate in an online virtual community with peers, faculty, staff, and alumni where you can explore your interests and discover opportunities for personal, academic, and career growth.

If you want a more enriching Talent Gateway experience, you can be connected with a Talent Ambassador. A Talent Ambassador serves as a peer mentor, helping you navigate the wealth of exceptional academic, experiential learning, and leadership opportunities available both on and off campus. With a Talent Ambassador, you will also be included in a close-knit, peer-mentoring group of approximately 10 other students, who may be going through similar experiences to you.

To join the Talent Gateway, sign up at our website.  Location: Fairlane Center North, Suite 285