Structural Analysis and Design

The certificate course will provide students with knowledge in advanced structural analysis for design of engineering components. The topics include fracture and fatigue considerations in design. Finite element methods will be introduced, and students will have access to general purpose finite element programs to solve structural design problems. (12 credit hours)

Certificate offered on Campus and via Distance Learning 


ME 510Finite Element Methods3
ME 512Structural Analysis3
ME 514Advanced Stress Analysis3
ME 558Fracture and Fatig Cons in Des3

ME 510     Finite Element Methods     3 Credit Hours

Overview and applications of FE theory in linear static and dynamic systems. Review of matrices, strain and stress tensors. Variational and energy principles in FEA. Applications in linear stress analysis; 1D, 2D and 3D. Transient solutions; modal analysis. Modeling concepts. Use of general purpose codes like ANSYS, NISA, ARIES. Project work. Graduate standing or special permission. (YR).

Can enroll if Class is Graduate

ME 512     Structural Analysis     3 Credit Hours

Advanced treatment of dynamic structural theories. Topics covered include: Rayleigh and Timoshenko beams and plates; free and forced vibration response of structural components; static and dynamic stability; and impact.

Can enroll if Level is Rackham or Graduate or Doctorate

ME 514     Advanced Stress Analysis     3 Credit Hours

Stresses and deformations in mechanical and structural elements and systems; theory, analysis and applications. Topics selected from among the following in applied elasticity and advanced mechanics of materials: stress and strain transformation; plane theory of elasticity and stress functions; energy methods; thick-walled cylinders and spinning disks; torsion of non-circular and hollow sections; unsymmetric bending and shear center; curved beams; beams on elastic foundations; plates and shells; elastic stability. Graduate standing or permission of instructor. (YR).

Can enroll if Level is Rackham or Graduate

ME 558     Fracture and Fatig Cons in Des     3 Credit Hours

A comprehensive review of fracture and fatigue processes in engineering material with emphasis on mechanics instead of mechanisms of failure. Design methodology based on fracture toughness and fatigue crack propagation is presented. Laboratory test methods and data interpretations are also presented. Graduate standing or permission of instructor. (YR).

Can enroll if Level is Rackham or Graduate


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Frequency of Offering

The following abbreviations are used to denote the frequency of offering: (F) fall term; (W) winter term; (S) summer term; (F, W) fall and winter terms; (YR) once a year; (AY) alternating years; (OC) offered occasionally