Internal Combustion Engines

This certificate is designed to provide students with fundamental knowledge in internal combustion engines and their combustion processes. The basic theories of compressible flow and thermodynamics will be covered and used to examine different characteristics of the performance of internal combustion engines and their respective processes. (12 credit hours)

Certificate offered on Campus and via Distance Learning


ME 552Sustainable Energy Systems3
ME 532Combustion Processes3
ME 596Internal Combustion Engines I3
ME 597Internal Combustion Engines II3

ME 552     Sustainable Energy Systems     3 Credit Hours

The course provides an overview of energy technology from a broad perspective that encompasses technical and environmental aspects. It covers a wide range of traditional and alternative energy sources and presents assessments of their availability, sustainability, and environmental impacts as well as evaluation of their potential role in solving the global energy problem. Course work includes project.

Can enroll if Class is Graduate
Can enroll if College is Engineering and Computer Science

ME 532     Combustion Processes     3 Credit Hours

Introduction to combustion processes, equilibrium and reaction kinetics. Combustion of premixed gases, detonation and deflagration flames. Laminar and turbulent flames. Ignition, flammability, and flame quenching. Application to spark, diesel and gas turbine engines. Combustion-generated pollution. Graduate standing or special permission. (YR).

Can enroll if Level is Rackham or Graduate

ME 596     Internal Combustion Engines I     3 Credit Hours

Comparison of several forms of internal combustion engines including Otto and Diesel type piston engines; performance parameters and testing; thermodynamic cycles and fuel-air cycles; combustion in SI and Diesel engines; charge formation and handling; ignition; elements of exhaust emissions. (Not available to students with ME 496 or equivalent background.)

Can enroll if Level is Graduate or Rackham

ME 597     Internal Combustion Engines II     3 Credit Hours

Fuel flow and air flow measurements and techniques; engine maps; fuel and ignition control and control strategies; combustion and burn rate considerations in engine design; intake and exhaust systems; emissions and control strategies; emission test procedures.

Prerequisite(s): AENG 596 or ME 596

Can enroll if Level is Graduate or Rackham


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