Internal Use of Credit

This policy applies exclusively to situations when students request a change of program or degree level (e.g. from a doctoral to a master's degree) before they complete the original program/degree level. All University of Michigan - Dearborn earned credit hours can be applied to other University of Michigan - Dearborn graduate programs (Dearborn, Rackham, Specialist, or Doctoral level) provided they are eligible to satisfy degree requirements in the requested destination program. Upon admission into the new program and approval of a change of program request, all graduate courses and associated grades will move to the new academic record. This policy applies to all internal use of credit requests, except for those involving transferring credit hours from a University of Michigan - Dearborn program to a Rackham program, where the Rackham Graduate School transfer of credit policy applies. Credit hour limitations imposed by the University of Michigan - Dearborn transfer of credit policy are not applicable to the internal use of credit hours. In all cases, policies or requirements of the destination program must be followed.