Women's Resource Center

The Women’s Resource Center (WRC), located in 2106 University Center, offers assistance with self-advocacy, work/life balance, returning student support, and personal safety through programming and individual appointments. The overall mission of the center is to increase the empowerment of all women by offering quality programs; providing personal, professional, and academic coaching; encouraging students to reach their academic and post-graduate goals; linking women to current campus and community resources; and partnering with academic units and other women’s agencies to address gender and diversity issues.

In support of its mission the WRC provides quality programming and activities, extensive resources, a meeting place, volunteer opportunities and a commitment to collaborations. Visitors will find a variety of written materials for their use. A lending library offers books and magazines on issues of interest to women. A resource shelf offers pamphlets on diverse topics including scholarships, childcare, and domestic violence. An on-line resource guide contains community resources and referrals. The WRC’s Impact Grant provides small, emergency grants for students. These one-time grants, typically between $50 and $150, are meant to address serious unanticipated emergencies that could delay or halt the education of students. Grants may not be used for tuition.

For more information about these services and programs contact the Women’s Resource Center at 313-583-6445 or visit the WRC website at umdearborn.edu/students/womens-resource-center